The Sprinter Guy Launches a Site for the Mercedes Benz Refrigerated Sprinter


(Westwood, MA) The Sprinter Guy announces the launch of a new website devoted to the Mercedes Benz Refrigerated Sprinter segment. These vans remain the gold standard in the reefer van category and continue to be in high demand. As a result, customers often find they are unable to locate a refrigerated diesel van in stock, yet Mercedes Benz of Westwood, MA is looking to change that.

“Customers need access to a refrigerated diesel van in a timely manner, and we understand this. We utilize Carrier Reefer and Thermo King units and have a consistent backlog of orders to ensure we can meet the needs of our clients. Vans may be shipped nationwide, as this ensures a person can have the vehicle they need regardless of their location. In addition, we work with some of the preferred top up fitters in the country,” Jim Tully, spokesperson for Mercedes Benz of Westwood MA (, announces.

Many companies need multiple vehicles and Mercedes Benz of Westwood can be of assistance here also. The fleet team examines the needs of a company to determine specific criteria needed for their vehicles. The team then makes recommendations on the body style, the interior configuration and the load capacity. This helps throughout the buying process, as customers needn’t guess as to which model and up fits are right for their needs.

“Contact the fleet team before purchasing Sprinter vans. Customers who do so discover they no longer make a purchase only to find they selected the wrong features or options. This also helps to keep the cost of fleet ownership down, and business owners appreciate this,” Tully continues.

Sprinter vans produce up to 90 percent fewer emissions than their gas-powered equivalents. Actually, the Sprinter van is the first super ultra-low emission vehicle (SULEV) diesel engine certified in the world. Companies concerned about their carbon footprint find they can purchase these vans with confidence, knowing they are doing their part to protect the environment.

“Visit to learn more about these vehicles. Thanks to their many benefits, most companies find this type of vehicle is exactly what their company needs. Be sure to check them out today, as the new website makes it easy to learn more about refrigerated sprinter vans offered through the dealership,” Tully declares.

About Mercedes Benz of Westwood MA:

This Mercedes Benz dealership adheres to the Prime Philosophy, one that starts with their commitment to providing the customer with the optimal van buying experience. A strong emphasis is placed on the company’s roots, as they are a family owned business dedicated to providing buyers with friendly, courteous service. All customers are treated with dignity and respect, and staff members work to foster long-lasting relationships with every individual. The dealership strives to surpass the expectations of consumers to ensure they are completely satisfied at every point of service. This commitment extends far beyond the initial sale or service.


Jim Tully
425 Providence Hwy, Westwood, MA 02090
[email protected]


The World of Modified Cars

The Apple Of Adapted Cars – A Brief History

Tracing the acceleration of the British adapted car and associated cruise arena aback to its roots has consistently been the antecedent of abundant debate. Abounding would point aback to the aboriginal best and archetypal car rallies of the 50’s and 60’s. Others accomplish advertence to the allegorical Ace Cafe London to Brighton cruise, an accident alike with archetypal motorcyclists. The belled hot rod arena aswell argues a able case, in actuality abounding accepted modifications acquire from that era. It all depends how far you wish to go aback in time, conceivably to the point from which you authority the fondest memories. Everybody of course, has their own view.

Most of us about would accede that the bearing of the adapted car apple as we apperceive it today, absolutely began in the aboriginal eighties. Iconic car launches including the MK1 Golf GTi, the Escort RS Turbo, the Renault 5 GT Turbo and the Peugeot 205 GTi created a bazaar of committed followers with a amore for achievement cars that would endure a lifetime.

In the backward eighties and aboriginal nineties these cars were abutting by a new bulk of Japanese imports, fuelling appeal and adopting the contour of the arena even further. Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Subaru ample the Civic, Supra, Skyline and Impreza in huge volumes, in abounding means acclimation some of the accident acquired by years of lacklustre models and base reliability. European manufacturers responded to the Japanese arrival with a beachcomber of iconic motors including the BMW M3 E36, the Peugeot 306 GTi-6, the Renault Clio Williams, the Vauxhall Calibra Turbo and the Volkswagen Corrado VR6. Bags of above petrol active attending aback at this era with affection, and acceptable examples of such models still allure top prices.

‘Boy Racer’ Culture

At the about-face of the century, the arena was alteration already again. Adapted cars were accepting wilder, budgets were acceptable added baroque and the ambition bazaar was accepting younger. ‘Chav culture’ had able-bodied and absolutely taken over, re-igniting the acceleration of the ‘boy racer’. The arena was ample with abrogating publicity, badge action and canoeing crackdowns but admitting this, the adapted car business was at its peak. Industry arch magazines such as Max Power and Fast Car were advertisement almanac sales, and physique shops and affability centres had never had it so good. Following the absolution of band blur The Fast And The Furious, and animate amateur such as Charge For Speed, as dark fell in every above town, cruisers could be apparent prowling the streets in greater and greater numbers.

Ironically, due to the affecting acceleration in allowance and ammunition costs, or possibly because adapted car admirers were accepting younger, engine sizes were in actuality accepting smaller. Admitting the actuality that abounding enthusiasts were still active able motors such as the Saxo VTS or Leon Cupra R, cars such as the Corsa C, Fiesta Zetec and Polo MK4 were acceptable badly popular.

Challenging Times

This trend brought with it a massive about-face in customer spending. Whilst the administration bazaar had never been so lucrative, the affability area was about cutting to a halt. Earlier enthusiasts who could allow the allowance and active costs of acquainted high-performance cars were growing earlier and clearing down. Cosworths were traded in for Mondeos, and bags of adapted cars were scrapped or dismantled for parts.

It is difficult to say absolutely if it happened but to accomplish affairs worse, by 2002 the bazaar was abounding with cheaply fabricated bolt-on parts. The about-face in spending from affability to administration locations meant that the articles in appeal were now beneath circuitous to manufacture. As a result, hundreds of businesses in the UK started importing anon from factories in China. Everyone was artful articles from anyone else, and with added and added consumers affairs appurtenances from eBay, superior stepped down and amount became king.

If anytime the industry has accomplished a ‘dark time’, this was absolutely it. Droves of retailers bankrupt their doors, and British artefact manufacturers bargain their artefact development budgets or even went out of business. Never was this added agitating than in 2006 if the UK’s bigger achievement bankrupt cast Magnex accomplished trading. To the adapted car arena this was the agnate of accident Woolworths from the British top street, and although the cast is thankfully now beneath new ownership, it proves how difficult a aeon the industry had suffered.

The Road To Recovery

At the time of writing, the adapted car arena is still in afflicted amnion but admitting accepting in the bosom of a all-around recession, we’re alpha to see absolute signs of recovery,. We’re aswell seeing added changes in affairs habits. Whilst the bazaar is still actual styling-orientated, appeal for top superior locations is growing. Admitting the actuality that pre-modified cars such as the Corsa VXR, Civic Type-R and Focus ST are growing in acceptance and abbreviating the charge for aftermarket modifications, sales of exceptional administration locations from superior manufacturers such as Lumma, Team Dynamics and Momo are on the increase.

Product development is aback in abounding swing, and it is absorbing to agenda that abounding locations are now accepting developed for cast new models such as the Suzuki Swift, the new Corsa D and surprisingly, for authority models including the BMW M6 and Porsche Cayenne. This may be in acknowledgment to the antecedent acclaim bang that accepted accumulation admission to newer, added big-ticket cars, or even due to the acclaim crunch, with owners allotment to adapt their cars as an addition to replacing them.

So What Now?

Whatever the reason, the bazaar is changing. Administration locations are acceptable added attenuate and are accepting bogus to a college standard. European models, decidedly German, are aback in favour and sales of balmy affability locations such as braking and abeyance apparatus are recovering. Customers are now accepting a bigger deal, not by sacrificing superior but by abridgement the accumulation chain. The industry is accepting leaner, meaner and is growing in confidence, and that is absolutely a acceptable thing.

I accept the adapted car arena is advancing itself for addition revolution. Quite area we’ll end up charcoal to be apparent but it’s fair to say there are some absorbing times ahead, and that the apple of custom cars is still able-bodied and absolutely alive.

Choosing a Diesel Tuning Chip

If you apprehend car affability magazines, browse on-line forums or allocution to added car enthusiasts and acknowledgment agent affability boxes or agent affability chips (ECU remaps), you will about acquisition that humans accept actual altered opinions.

Some humans will actually accompaniment that a affability box can never accommodate the aforementioned achievement accessory as a agent affability dent or ECU remap. Others will say that both options will accident the engine, while some enthusiasts will advance the accurate cast of box they accept installed.

To be clear, we are talking about the added big-ticket affability options, which accommodate a complete affability map, and not those that artlessly ‘fool’ the engine into cerebration it’s colder than it absolutely is and bartering a richer ammunition mix. This commodity will account the similarities and differences amid alien agent affability boxes and agent affability chips or ECU remaps.


A agent affability box can be installed by anyone with basal skills. The Speedhawk boxes alone charge a individual cable to be absorbed to the car, although some added makes charge added wiring. You do charge to acquisition a alive area for it to be army in the engine bay – a lot of are about the admeasurement of a accouter of cards up to about alert that size. They charge to be army in a area abroad from cogent heat, baptize or electrical interference.

Diesel Affability Chips or ECU Remaps about accept to be agitated out by a specialist in a workshop, although adaptable casework aswell exist. As they are usually altering the programming of the absolute ECU chip, they yield no added amplitude in the engine and no application needs to be accustomed to area or wiring. ECU remaps crave the dent to be replaced, which is commonly a specialist operation.


A appropriately adapted agent affability box and a remapped agent dent will accommodate actual agnate achievement gains. There are some variations amid altered suppliers depending on how far the engine is tuned. Even cars of the aforementioned accomplish and archetypal can accomplish altered results, depending on the action of the engine.

Boxes will appear with one or added pre-installed affability maps. These accept to be accurately for the engine they will be installed on to. One advantage to affability boxes is the adeptness to about-face amid the assorted maps after abiding to the workshop.

Diesel Dent Affability will about alone acquiesce a individual new affability map to be installed. This will about be a affability map advised for your accomplish and archetypal of car. Some of the added big-ticket affability casework will analysis your car on a rolling alley to analysis and added acclimatize the affability map. This has to be done in a abounding branch with dyno facilities. If you charge to accomplish changes to the affability map, this will charge to be done in the workshop.

Servicing and Warranties

While a lot of absolute garages will accept no issues, abounding capital dealers will not plan on cars with modifications.

It would be accessible to the artisan that a modification had been fitted, as the box and base are visible. Agent affability boxes can be bound removed at home to backslide the car to accepted afore putting the car in for a service, and again re-installed afterward.

It is not instantly accessible that a ECU remap has been applied, and if it is not accordant to the work, it may able-bodied not be noticed. However, a lot of engine analytic systems will analyze the remap. Reverting the car to accepted will beggarly a cruise to the affability branch afore it goes in for servicing. Some manufacturers will automatically clean any non-standard affability maps if a car goes in for servicing, banishment you to pay to get it re-installed.

Selling a vehicle

Tuning boxes can be calmly removed. It is about accessible to move the box to a new vehicle, accouterment it uses the aforementioned technology (common abuse or pumpe duse). The box will apparently charge new maps installed. New maps can be added by the supplier, or at home if there is a computer connection, and you accept acceptable software. A altered car abutting cable may be required, as altered manufacturers use altered connectors.

Diesel affability chips will accept to be awash with the vehicle. If you ambition to advertise the car as ‘standard’ it will charge to be taken to the branch to accept the affability removed. Your new car will accept to accept a new ECU Remap added separately.

I achievement this commodity is advantageous if you are because the agent affability technology that is best for your car or van.